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Audio & Podcasts

A Picture of God

A Picture of God” Bible study is to share Jesus so that anyone who seeks Him can see how wonderful and life-changing He truly is.

Advent Fellowship Podcast

This is where the events are being discussed and asked biblical questions. It is also where weekly sermons are shared.

Advent Next Podcast

This podcast aims to help future generations. It is made for God-seekers to help them discuss the Bible from a deeper perspective.

Adventist History Podcast

Matthew Lucio hosts this. It talks about the story of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Adventist Millenial Podcast

This podcast talks about the millennial Adventists. Other members also shared their experiences in this podcast.

Adventist Mission Podcast

This is a podcast about the SDA church mission all over the world. It tells the story of every place where one person travels to share the word of God.

Adventist on Fire

This is a podcast that Kyle Morrison hosts. It covers interviews, tips, and training based on SDA Church.


Adventist Reflexions

Hosted by Dr. Danzie. This podcast will help you understand the SDA church better. 

Adventist Review Podcast

This is the official magazine of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It is the podcast version of this news magazine.

Adventist Voices by Spectrum

This is a companion to Spectrum. The podcast is about the journal that encouraged the Adventists to participate in the discussions.

Adventist World Podcasts

This is a subsidiary of the Adventist Review Ministries. The Adventist World Podcast is like an extension of the official magazine.

Audio Verse

Audio Verse is a platform curating the best in Adventist audio content. Be challenged and inspired to grow your relationship with Jesus through songs, sermons, audiobooks, and bible reading. 

Aus Table Talk

This podcast discusses the things you wish you could discuss in church. It’s a discussion about non-conventional topics about the SDA Church.

Be love l The Togetherness Inspired Podcast.

This is an inspiring podcast about love and togetherness. It also talks about how to care for your health as an Adventist.

Connected Adventist

Catalina Arevalo hosts this podcast. It is about the connection that Adventists have to the Holy Spirit, what the world thinks about them, and what the Adventists think about one another.

Desire of Ages Project

Myer's Media has a beautiful collection of high-class professionally recorded readings of select Spirit of Prophecy books, "Righteousness by Faith," and other great authors. Some of these readings are even dramatized with music and sound effects. 

How the Church Works

A deep dive into the inner workings of the Seventh-day Adventist church and why you should care.


LifeTalk Radio reaches out to people of ALL ages, empathizing with them, ministering to their needs, winning their confidence, and leading them to Jesus!

Podcast Help l Adventist Theological Society

It’s a podcast that talks about the Theological Society. This will help you have a clear view of the SDA church.

Sabbath School Bible Study Hour

You will get in-depth biblical insight from this podcast. Just get into the Bible to make your faith grow more.

The Living Remnant Podcast

It is a podcast about the Adventist lifestyle. It will help you to have a better quality of your life.


He who has ears to hear, let him hear! Mathew 11:15

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